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April 20, 2023

Top 5 Tips to Keep you Safe when visiting your Storage Unit

We are living in unprecedented times, with most of us drastically changing our day-to-day habits to help fight against the spread of Covid-19. No industry better understands how important a person’s belongings are to them than the storage industry, but health should be your top priority. The next time you need access to your storage unit, please use these tips to keep yourself, other tenants and the staff safe during these difficult times.

1) Wear a mask and gloves

A storage facility may not exactly be the busiest of places at any given moment, but with summer fast approaching, Montreal’s moving season will bring in way more foot traffic. To keep yourself and those around you safe, we suggest putting on a mask and clean gloves before entering the storage building.

2) Avoid the rush-hour

Most storage facilities offer tenants 24/7 access to their units. To avoid unnecessary human contact, you should schedule your visit during a time with the least amount of activity. Depending on the facility and where it is located, weekday afternoons would probably be the safest time to access your unit.

3) Do not pay your rent in person

Although tenants are still allowed to access their units, most storage facilities have closed their customer service office until further notice to protect employees and clients. However, even if there is a site-manager present, paying your rent with cash or card is not without risk. Instead, pay with a credit card over the phone, on their website or mobile app. Some storage companies also accept e-transfers and PayPal payments.

4) Obsessively wash your hands

The most important habit to fight against Covid-19 is as easy as washing your hands. The virus can be transmitted by touching an infected surface. No one realizes how often we touch our faces during the day, making it the fastest way to get infected. If frequent handwashing is already part of your routine, you need to make it an obsession from here on out.

5) Ask a friend

If you feel the slightest symptom or believe you came into contact with an infected person, we suggest that you stay at home and ask a trusted person to access your unit for you. Some people are more at risk of developing severe health complications from Covid-19, so please take your health seriously as it affects others as well. Asking for help when you need it most is just as important as washing your hands.