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Our Projects & Achievements

Projects & Achievements

Selling a self-storage facility can be a daunting task, but with the right approach, it can be a smooth and rewarding process. At Montréal Mini-Storage, we have had the pleasure of navigating many successful selling acquisition processes, and we understand the importance of finding win-win situations for all parties involved. At Montréal Mini-Storage, we pride ourselves on our fair and transparent approach to negotiations. We work closely with all parties involved to ensure that the terms of the deal are mutually beneficial and that everyone walks away satisfied. Overall, the selling acquisition process can be a positive experience that results in financial gain and improved facilities. At Montréal Mini-Storage, we are committed to ensuring that all our deals go smoothly and that everyone involved comes out a winner. Here are some examples of the Montreal-Mini storage onboarding experience.

Our commitment to the community

Shelter Movers X Montreal Mini-Storage

The collaboration between Montreal Mini-Storage and Shelter Movers is a crucial partnership aimed at aiding individuals and families escaping abusive situations. Shelter Movers, a volunteer-driven charitable organization operating nationally, specializes in providing free moving and storage services to those fleeing abuse. In this collaboration, Montreal Mini-Storage plays a vital role by offering complimentary storage units, providing a safe space for victims of violence to store their belongings during their transitional period. This joint effort empowers primarily women and children, supporting their journey toward a life free from violence by ensuring the safety and security of their possessions during this critical phase.  


  Montreal Mini-Storage and LE COLLECTIF EX-PLACÉ DPJ have formed a collaborative effort to support young individuals who have been under the care of the child protection system. LE COLLECTIF EX-PLACÉ DPJ, established in 2022 by former youths in care with community support, aims to assist and empower individuals aged 14 to 35 who are or have been involved with youth protection services. In this collaboration, Montreal Mini-Storage generously provides free storage units at select locations to store donations intended for these young individuals, facilitating the management and safekeeping of contributions aimed at supporting their needs.