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April 20, 2023

The top 5 times you wish you had a storage unit

1) When you were spring cleaning

Every year, we promise ourselves that we will invest some of our time to do a major clean-up of our homes. Many of us have useful spaces, like closets, garages, and basements that could be used for more constructive purposes, but instead are full to burst with stuff gathering dust.

Spring cleaning can be time consuming and emotionally draining, but with a storage unit, you can organize your clutter more efficiently, taking all the time you need to decide what to keep and what to give away. You can even use the storage unit as a “second closet”, leaving only the things you need once in a while and keeping your home clean and clutter free!

2) When you were moving

July 1st is Montreal’s busiest day of the year. With most residential leases ending in June, thousands of Montrealers spend this day moving to their new home. It is an extremely stressful time for many and, with an increased demand in moving services, it can also be very expensive. If you know that you will not be renewing the lease to your apartment this year, try to store as many large items, like appliances and furniture, in a storage unit at least a month before Moving Day. Wait until the chaos clears and your favorite moving company has a spot open a week later, and enjoy the stress-free move every Montrealer wished they had.

3) When you were preparing for your vacation

Every year, thousands of Canadians head south for the winter. Ironically called Snowbirds, these (mostly senior) travelers escape the freezing weathers of Quebec and spend those months in rented condos or townhouses somewhere hot and sunny not too far from home, like Arizona or Miami. To keep their belongings safe and sound while they are vacationing, these snowbirds often put their things into storage. They even rent out or lease their homes in Montreal for a bit of extra income!

4) When you started your business

Commercial real estate can be expensive, with most forcing you to sign long-term contracts that you cannot possibly afford. And because of social and economic impacts brought forth by the Coronavirus, most businesses are forced to change their practices and working environment entirely, like having their employees work from home or dramatically reduce production. When you are starting your business, storing your inventory, supplies and equipment inside a storage unit can be a cheaper and more flexible alternative, especially during these uncertain times. And whether you wish to someday expand or downsize, you can always transfer units anytime you want!

5) When you were downsizing

A big change has happened in your life and you are thinking about moving to a smaller home. Maybe your kids moved away. Maybe you are retiring. Maybe you were laid-off. Whatever the reason, you realise that having all this unused space is no longer economical for you, but you also cannot possibly bring all your stuff with you. Our suggestion: treat your storage unit as an extension of your new and smaller home. You might not have enough closet space in your new apartment to store your tires, skis, and Christmas decorations, but your storage space can keep them safe until the next time you need them.