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April 20, 2023

The benefits of using self-storage for vehicle tires

The need for two sets of tires means keeping them in good condition and stored safely in the off-season is a priority. If you live in a condo building, tires can take up a lot of room in limited storage spaces. And if you’re lucky enough to have a garage attached to your home, it may seem like you have all the extra space to store your tires – but when temperatures drop, moisture and extreme cold can impact your tires’ lifespan. Ultimately, the question of where to store your tires boils down to three main considerations: space, security and tire maintenance….


Proper tire storage is crucial for good tire maintenance in order to ensure they are ready to roll when you need them to. Often, tires are stored off rim and stacked in a corner or kept upright on a floor. Both of these methods add stress on the tires, causing them to lose their shape over time. Not to mention that it is dangerous to stack tires one on top of the other, as they can easily topple over. Moreover, storing tires in a garage has a major downside because the fluctuation in temperatures changes the rubber’s elasticity and impacts its overall lifespan. With a self-storage unit, not only can you keep your tires clean and dry in a climate-controlled environment but you can also install a tire rack, which enables you to keep your tires securely stored in a way that evenly distributes the weight of each tire. This optimizes your tires’ durability and helps them to keep their shape, so it’s easier to put them back on your car when the time comes.


While you can use the extra storage space in your condo or garage for tires, the reality is that they take up a lot of year-round real estate that might otherwise be occupied by things you use more frequently – like clothing, shoes, electronics or home appliances. This is where having a self-storage unit comes in handy, as it frees up space for more practical, everyday needs. Tires are also dirty, bulky, and cumbersome to move easily, which is also why storing them at a separate self-storage facility makes sense, as it provides a more convenient solution for moving tires easily and efficiently each season.


Keeping tires in a self-storage facility also guarantees their security. Tires are expensive and unfortunately, wheel theft is a problem. Using a self-storage unit guarantees your tires are safe with 24-hour digital surveillance cameras, a central monitoring alarm system and your own electronic access key, so you can have peace of mind all year round.

An added bonus of using a self-storage facility is the hassle-free experience of moving your tires. Shipping docks with leveling platforms, free use of moving carts and dollies, and indoor parking for cars and vans make the process of moving your tires in and out of your unit straightforward and super simple.

The next time you arrange to swap out your tires, consider the benefits of a spacious, safe and clean self-storage solution.