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April 20, 2023

The Benefits of Using Self-Storage During Home Renovations

Home renovation projects are major undertakings and can cause a lot of stress for you and your loved ones. From budget concerns to dealing with contractors and finding ways to move and store all of the things you can no longer keep in the same space – everything becomes a juggling act. In times like these, self-storage units prove to be invaluable. Here is an overview of how a storage locker can help you manage the stress of home renovations.


Renovating your home means that you have to keep specific areas clear of all things valuable at all times. But this does not mean you have to cram all of your belongings into your closets. So, before you worry about where everything is going to go – and how it is all going to fit – consider renting a self-storage unit that can safely and easily accommodate all of your items. Stop the clutter before it starts taking over what remains of your living space.


Never are your belongings more at risk of being damaged than during a home renovation project where people, materials and paint are moving in and out of your home at all times and everything is constantly being moved around. While keeping your appliances or furniture in a garage may seem like a solution, that also runs the risk of causing more damage and dirtying fabric. Save yourself the added stress of keeping your belongings safe with a climate-controlled self-storage unit that helps to keep everything in great condition.


As you sort through what items need to be stored, this is a perfect time to organize what you want to keep and what you eventually want to get rid of. Seasonal items like bikes and sporting equipment can easily be kept in storage for safe-keeping. Meanwhile, the furniture you had before your renovation may no longer fit your updated space. These larger items can also be kept in storage until you have a clear idea of what your new space looks like. As an added bonus, you will now have an inventory of your belongings and what you can sell or give away.

One of the biggest benefits of using a self-storage unit during home renovation projects is peace of mind. Reduce the stress, keep your home liveable and manageable and avoid the perils of overcrowding your home with a solution that keeps you organized and your belongings securely stored.