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April 20, 2023

How Your Growing Business Can Benefit from Self-Storage

For many small business owners, starting and growing your small business can be a tremendous challenge. Many hours of effort, including long days (and nights) often go into starting a business with the hope of getting it to grow.

Very often, since small business owners are so involved in the day to day activities of their business, what often happens is that when growth actually does occur, they are caught unprepared.

One of those areas of business management that are often overlooked until it becomes problematic is the area of inventory management. What commonly happens is that suddenly, one’s startup product or e-commerce based business experiences tremendous growth and managing that growth becomes challenging. Your home garage that you have used to store your inventory is full beyond capacity, and trying to organize and sort through your growing and increasingly varied inventory is increasingly problematic.

For businesses in this situation, a self-storage unit can definitely come in handy. It can help your business better manage your growing inventory, allowing you to focus on the important, core strategic aspects of your business.

That being said, there are a number of goods that due to their inherent problems involved in storing them,

  • Waste

  • Illicit products

  • Chemical products

  • Explosives

Beyond this, just to give you an idea of just what type of storage your business might potentially be able to use, here is an idea of what storage units of certain sizes might provide you in terms of being able to more flexibly manage your growing inventory.

25 square feet (5 X 5): These are the smallest spaces offered, more suitable for individuals to store their personal effects.

100 square feet (10 X 10): This storage space will give you much more storage and reading flexibility. A reasonable size when it comes to professional storage.

200 square feet (20 X 20): this time, the storage space is impressive, so you can work much more serenely and why not, expand your catalog.

For growing business, regardless of your inventory challenges, self-storage can certainly provide an effective way of managing your growing inventory needs.